HIV Protease with Viracept

  • HIV Protease Sculpture looking down its near-two-fold axis. Viracept is in the center of the protein.
  • A view through the HIV Protease-Vircept Sculpture. Viewed from the east.
  • A front view of the HIV Protease-Viracept Sculpture as installed at Pfizer, San Diego as viewed from the northeast.
  • A detail of the HIV Protease-Viracept Sculpture showing Viracept as it is bound.
  • A view show the HIV Protease-Viracept Sculpture in the Pfizer, San Diego entry way as viewed from the north.
HIV Protease with Viracept

HIV protease with the anti-AIDS drug Viraceptâ„¢ was installed at Pfizer LaJolla, CA in 2002. The sculpture is made of polished stainless steel and stand six feet above a black granite base. The images below show several views of the sculpture and an image of the maquette from which the larger piece was made.

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