ZOS- Zosyn

  • Front view of Zosyn Sculpture
  • Zosyn Sculpture as installed at Wyeth in Collegeville, PA.
  • Close-up of Zosyn Sculpture showing the two β-lactam rings
  • Detail of the Zosyn Sculpture
  • Detail of the Zosyn Sculpture
  • Zosyn Sculpture with its computer rendering, before gold plating.

ZOSYN/TAZOSYN is an injectable antibiotic formulation composed of the molecules piperacillin and tazosin. The development of the drug was a joint effort between Wyeth and their Japanese collaborator. In celebration of the commercial success of the antibiotic, two sets of models were commissioned: one set was installed at Wyeth near Philadelphia and the other set was installed in Japan. An atomic resolution, golden representation of the antibiotic are scaled at 1 inch per Angstrom and are mounted in a plastic enclosure atop a hand crafted cherry base supplied by the sculptor.

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