BYET – Byetta

  • Front view of the Byetta® Sculpture
  • Detail of the helical disordered domain of the Byetta® Sculpture
  • Side view of the Byetta® Sculpture
  • Oblique view of the Byetta® Sculpture
  • Nameplate of the Byetta® Sculpture
  • Byetta® Sculpture in the offices of Sanderling Ventures photographed with an image of the gila-monster from which the protein was initially isolated.

A model of exentide-4 (Byetta) based upon the NMR structure of a related peptide GLP-1. Byetta was developed by Amylin Pharmaceuticals as a drug for use in the treatment of Type II diabetes. The sculpture represents 6 of the 36 structures that were consistent with the NMR derived distance constraints.

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